Winter Care For Houseplants

winter care for houseplants

As the weather varies each winter, there is a chill in the air and that usually means the heater is running inside. This is a good time to give your houseplants some additional attention. Here is a general list of helpful houseplant care tips:

  • Keep houseplants out of drafts and in the brightest spot possible.
  • Increase humidity around tropical plants.
  • Reduce fertilization, but continue watering (may water less often, but the same amount). Make sure your water is room temperature.
  • Address any insect and disease problems.
  • Keep plants clean by gently wiping or rinsing.

Also, you can:

  • Give extra protection on chilly nights by closing drapes and making sure plants do not touch the cold glass.
  • Give your holiday cactus a rest this month, by watering sparingly but keeping it in indirect light.
  • Plant into a new pot any indoor plants that are pot-bound.
  • Cover or wrap new houseplants when transporting to keep them from cold air on the trip home.