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Weekends Were Made for the Honey Do Lists

honey-do-listWhile most of us view weekends as a time for more work than play, there is always a list of things you’d like to do around the house looming in the back of your mind. Now I’m not saying put yourself through full-blown room makeovers. No, I’m talking about little projects you can do without a whole lot of life upheaval…things you can do to make your place more functional or maybe just a bit more aesthetically pleasing. This week’s blog post is all about giving you just a few little ideas for DIY projects you can do during these warm summer weekends.

First things first: let’s take a minute to look after our summertime best friend, the air conditioning system. Nothing is worse than having an air conditioner that breaks right in the midst of a heatwave. So before you start using the A/C a lot, some routine maintenance is called for. Give a good cleaning to the vents & parts that have residual build-up so it is able to run in tip-top condition. Having to hire someone to fix a broken unit when some simple maintenance could have prevented the dent in your pocketbook? Even the bees can’t compare to that sting. And while we are on the subject, let’s use less energy to cool down your home by weather stripping the doors and windows. Over time, caulking and weather stripping wears down. This makes it easy for the temperature to become inconsistent, which makes your A/C system run harder to keep you cool. Bonus to this little fix-it tip? It prevents pests, mildew & rot from making your home theirs as well.

As we transition from the interior to the exterior, this is a perfect time to suggest a new coat of paint. We all know weather, and life, can do a number on paint. So why not give your home a little bit of color? It’s a quick project that can be broken down into little projects done on your weekends. Keeping your colors neutral is best, both inside and out, when considering resale value. But if you feel spicy, why not add a burst of color to an accent wall? Visiting your local paint store will help you pick out the perfect colors. Just remember: you should never have more than five colors going on collectively. A great investment during the summer months is a power washer. Giving the exterior of your home “a bath” will remove all of the debris built up over the winter months. If you have a deck, it’s a good idea to give a quick rinse to it as well. You may need to re-apply a sealer, but a good washing will make a big difference. It will look great and get you all ready for a great summer BBQ.

And there you have it. Just a couple of quick little home improvement projects you can do during these lovely summer months. So while you are filling up your social calendar with fantastic summertime events, make sure you take a day or two to give your house a little bit of TLC. Your home will thank you for it.

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