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Safety ABCs: Always Be Careful

safety-ABCAccording to the National Association of Realtors stated that 57% of agents are women. And a report in 2011 found that these women are the victims of the majority of the violent crimes committed in the industry. Being a woman, it was a staggering statistic to find out. Not only is it awful that violence is prevalent in this industry, but the fact that women are the prey to this violence is very unsettling. How can one provide for her family when this sort of thing is an actual threat at work?

But there is good news on the horizon. The recent crimes that have taken place against real estate agents has given National Association of Realtors’ president, Chris Polychon a reason to make safety a priority. But you really have to think… How safe can you make yourself when your entire job revolves around showing strangers empty houses? You advertise with a picture of your face and a phone number to find you. The very essence of self-promotion leaves little mystery of who you are. I’ve found various suggestions as I researched further. Carry a gun. Carry a legal, non-lethal weapon, like pepper spray. Self defense training.

But there are also other preventative measures one can take that are less threatening. Meet at the office. Make photocopies of their IDs prior to showing a home. Bring someone along with you to remote houses. Use an app like MyForce or a code in the office when you don’t feel safe. All of these make sense and would prove to be a huge deterrent. Make sure you’re taking all the proper precautions to be safe.

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On the Safe Side

RealtorSafetyTipsAs we embark on a fantastic season in the housing market, we need to make sure that we aren’t so overwhelmed by the abundance of business on our hands that we forget some basic safety precautions. After all, real estate is a still a risky business. Your safety is of the utmost importance as you show homes during this lovely season. So take heed of these few tips and take care out there.

  • When showing a home, try to stay by an exit. If needed, you should always have access to a way out. Make sure your car is not blocked in and has a quick way out of there. While giving a tour, a rule of thumb should be to always lead from BEHIND. You can keep an eye out for yourself while letting the buyer have the freedom to view things & inquire as needed. Giving them the space will make them feel more relaxed and not pressured as they take a look around.
  • One of the more obvious tools we have in our constant possession is a cell phone. Carrying it with you everywhere is sort of a given. But do you ever bother to check if the home you’re showing or where you plan to hold an Open House has proper cell service? It may seem like a waste of time to drive by and check, but it won’t feel that way when it comes in handy. And just for peace of mind, make it a point to check in with someone every time you go to show a property. Having someone keeping tabs on you is a precaution that is never a bad thing, especially if something were to happen.
  • Then there’s always the tried-and-true saying “safety in numbers.” If possible, make it a point to bring someone with you. There is less chance of something happening if you have a backup. It could be a colleague, a trusted friend, or your real estate assistant. Better yet, bring a lender with you. It would be a great addition to your selling strategy if a buyer can ask questions about interest rates and available programs while they view the property. You’re killing two birds with one stone!
  • If you feel that carrying additional protection, like pepper spray, is necessary, make sure you have the proper training to use said item. It will do no one any good if something were to happen and you couldn’t protect yourself.

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