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It’s Like a Heatwave!


As we begin to wrap up the summer season with our hottest month, it is important to make sure that we all stay extra cool and hydrated. Keeping our body temperatures down is absolutely necessary to ensure that we don’t overheat, which can lead to lots of health issues, both treatable and fatal. And while we are taking extra precautions for our own health, we should also pay special attention to our furry family members. Not only is the heat dangerous, but the humidity can also lead to issues. Taking your pet’s temperature, especially on those extra humid days, will help monitor any health needs.

Like anything, always keep common sense at hand. Don’t leave your pets in a car while you run errands. It doesn’t really matter how long you’re gone. A typical summer day of 85 degrees can raise the temperature inside a car to 102 degrees in 10 MINUTES. Imagine how hot it gets if you leave for a half hour! Just leave your furry buddy at home.

If you’re used to taking your dog out for exercise in the afternoon, you might want to reschedule that fun to a much cooler part of the day. In addition to your typical overheating, pets with white-colored ears are prone to skin cancer, and short-nosed pets have difficulty breathing. So on those extra hot and/or humid days, take them out early in the morning or as the sun begins to set. If they’re just hanging out in the yard, provide them with plenty of shade and water. You can even soak in cold water a vest or mat to lie on.

But who are we kidding? If there’s one thing that will beat the heat, it’s ice cream. And while there are plenty of store brand varieties, there are also tons of DIY recipes you can make at home. You know what flavor your furry buddy likes, why not take a stab at it?

It’s important to take care of ourselves and our loved ones on these extra hot days. Heat stroke is something that affects EVERYBODY and our pets can’t let you know when it’s coming on. So make sure you look after everyone involved. Happy August…be safe!

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