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6 Tips for Buying in a Seller’s Market


Buying a home in a seller’s market doesn’t necessarily have to mean paying too much, giving in to seller demands, or difficult negotiations. Even when sellers have the advantage, they may still need to work with a buyer to sell their home.

Some homes will often get plenty of attention while other homes may sit because they are priced too high or because of any number of factors that are undesirable to buyers in their market. With this in mind, it’s possible to make buying easier, even when the market favors the seller.

1) Be Firm but Fair in Negotiations

No matter what the seller may be asking for their home, the home still has a fair market value. While the amount the seller may be asking for a home could be a little bit higher in a seller’s market, that doesn’t mean a buyer can’t negotiate the price. Remain firm in negotiating, but also be fair based on the market conditions. A real estate agent can be your best resource to help you determine what your options are when it comes to making an offer.

2) Take a Look at Homes on the Market For a Long Time

Even in a seller’s market, there will be homes that just aren’t as popular as others. These homes will stay on the market longer, and finding out why this is the case, might be the beginnings of a great deal. If a home has a characteristic that isn’t popular with many buyers in the area, but it doesn’t bother you, it may be possible to buy a home in a seller’s market for less than you might expect.

3) Remember, There’s More Than one Location

Location is very important, but there’s generally more than one specific street or area where a buyer might want to live. By looking in several different places you might find the home that’s right for your needs without being completely tied to a location where the sellers may be less willing to negotiate and the prices might be above budget.

4) Find the Motivated Sellers

There will always be some sellers that are more motivated than others. No matter the reason for their motivation, the opportunity exists for buyers to get a good deal on a home they love. It may not always be easy to find sellers that are highly-motivated, but an agent can often help locate sellers who are looking to move their properties faster, and for a lower price.

5) Be Prepared and Ready to Negotiate

One of the ways to get ahead as a buyer in a seller’s market is to make sure your finances are ready. By having a mortgage pre-approval letter and a strong down payment, it’s possible to get ahead of other buyers who may not be as prepared. Sellers want to work with buyers who are serious and have a high probability of completing the transaction without delays.

Not being ready before making offers could mean missing out on a home that would be just right.

6) Don’t Underestimate the Power of Cash

Buyers who pay in cash and don’t need a mortgage to purchase a home often have a better chance being ahead of other buyers in a sellers market. Cash can be very attractive to some buyers, because when it comes to buying a home, it shows a seller that they don’t have to worry as much about a deal falling through because of mortgage finance issues.

When buyers don’t need mortgages, the transaction may be completed a lot faster, too, making it easier for everyone to moving on to the next phase of their lives. Speak to a financial professional to see if this would be a prudent move for your long-term financial health.

While a seller’s market can be a bit tricky to navigate, home buyers should know that with enough preparation and effort, they can find and purchase their dream home without adding additional stress to the process.

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Make Your Optimism Come True

One of the greatest aspects of a new year is the fact that we can start the next 365 days fresh. Sure, there are things in life that carry over, but the worst thing we can carry over is a negative attitude. Negativity is one of the worst killers of progress; it’s a proven fact. So, instead of dragging your feet into the new year, let’s try a different approach…

Let go of the proverbial “haters”. Yes, I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. Now, I’m not just talking about naysayers in your immediate social circle. For reasons we don’t really understand, WE are our own worst critics. We dislike ourselves so much that we talk ourselves out of praising our amazing qualities! We dislike our appearance, our station in life, our material possessions. Think about it… We will always agree with the negative comments we receive, and scoff at the compliments. How does that make any sense?

What we need to learn is to program ourselves to agree with the good we receive from the universe. Cut out all of the negativity in your world. Quit getting down on yourself about the little things. You’ll be much happier, and that will transpire to positive vibes. This is YOUR life. Stop living as though mediocrity is the norm. In the end, the many aspects of your life will thank you for it.

Disappointment, frustration, dependency, mediocrity… These are all evil words we have in our lexicon that prevent us from progressing. It’s time we forget the meanings of these words and replace them with new ones: excitement, encouragement, independence, success.

After all, attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?

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