Monthly Archives: February 2015

Closing Gifts: A Personal Touch

One of the biggest concerns realtors have is the idea that once you’ve found, or sold, a home for your client, how do you thank them for their business? Do you do anything? A lovely muffin basket? A quick handshake and a ‘thank you’? After all, your job is done and it is now time to part ways. You’ve spent a good amount of time with them, you have learned their likes & dislikes and you’ve likely gotten close to the whole family. Now you must move on. It’s almost bittersweet. But let’s be realistic… You would love the reference to their friends & family. Word of mouth is quite possibly the best marketing tool we have.

For many realtors, one of the key ways to thank clients for their business is to give what is called a closing gift. In a survey of 1000 real estate agents, 43% spend upwards of $60 on a closing gift, while 18% keep it between $30-40, depending on the amount of the sale. But what does one give? That’s really the question. Gift ideas will vary from agent to agent; there is no standard. Choose a gift certificate to a home store, a bottle of wine with glasses, or better yet, something with a personal touch. Something tailored to your client is creative gesture to let your clients know that you’ve enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing your professional relationship down the line.

The best way to do this is to customize your gifts. Maybe your client loves the ocean. Put together a gift basket with oceanic things you know they’d enjoy. Or perhaps go with something personalized, like an engraved keychain, to celebrate their new adventure. It really isn’t about what the gift is. It’s the idea that you’d like to give a simple gesture to say thanks. And as with anything we do for others, the more personal we make it, the more it is appreciated. Whether you choose something small or extravagant, the adage is true: It’s the thought that counts.

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