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Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Presentation: 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Make Your Optimism Come True

One of the greatest aspects of a new year is the fact that we can start the next 365 days fresh. Sure, there are things in life that carry over, but the worst thing we can carry over is a negative attitude. Negativity is one of the worst killers of progress; it’s a proven fact. So, instead of dragging your feet into the new year, let’s try a different approach…

Let go of the proverbial “haters”. Yes, I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. Now, I’m not just talking about naysayers in your immediate social circle. For reasons we don’t really understand, WE are our own worst critics. We dislike ourselves so much that we talk ourselves out of praising our amazing qualities! We dislike our appearance, our station in life, our material possessions. Think about it… We will always agree with the negative comments we receive, and scoff at the compliments. How does that make any sense?

What we need to learn is to program ourselves to agree with the good we receive from the universe. Cut out all of the negativity in your world. Quit getting down on yourself about the little things. You’ll be much happier, and that will transpire to positive vibes. This is YOUR life. Stop living as though mediocrity is the norm. In the end, the many aspects of your life will thank you for it.

Disappointment, frustration, dependency, mediocrity… These are all evil words we have in our lexicon that prevent us from progressing. It’s time we forget the meanings of these words and replace them with new ones: excitement, encouragement, independence, success.

After all, attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?

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