Monthly Archives: December 2014

It is a Great Time (Really!!!) to List a Home

The ongoing joke is that to the real estate agent it is always a great time to list, no
matter what the time of year or the state of the economy. Tradition has it, though, that
spring and summer are the optimal seasons to list. But in this Sunday’s Los Angeles
Times, Kenneth R Harney, in an article on the nation’s housing, makes a case for winter
as an even better time to list a house. Based upon a two year study on listing, price and
time on the market by Redfin, a real estate website, the research shows that listing a
home in December, January, February and March will yield a better chance for sellers to
get more than the asking price for their homes. “During the last three years, listing
during those four months has produced higher percentages of above -asking-price sales
than listing during any other months, other than April or May.” Listing a home in
February takes the biscuit for selling quickly, i.e. within 90 days.

What makes winter more of a real estate wonderland is that the home buyers during those
months tend to be serious buyers, and the competition is less as there are overall fewer
homes on the market. So a seller can be a big fish in a small pond during the winter.

What does this mean for you, the real estate agent? You might want to step up your
marketing during the winter months. Let your potential clients ( farm area and sphere of
influence) know that this would really be a good time to list ( and why) and that you are
there to guide them through the process.

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